Training (old)

Training and professionalization

Do you want to improve the activities of your association, to present yourselves in the best light to the public, or develop new topics or to reach new target groups?

We can organize the right training and we can bear a proportion of the expenses.


Activities within the association – How to establish an association?
How to find what is required for performing the association’s activities, legal questions, how to set up IT and accounting support etc.


Public relations – How can you raise awareness about the activities of the initiative/the association?
We can help with press work, social media, website design, presentation skills


Acquisition of funding – How and where can you apply for funding?
Strategy development, application, billing etc.


Refugee support – Legal issues
We can help in the following areas: Residence, work, qualification, information on counseling and other services for refugees.

What else interests you? Feel free to contact us.